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Lost prescription

Hello Dr. Dariusz,

During our last appointment you wrote me two prescriptions . Each prescription was for sixty tablets. I visited the Apteka on the day of our appointment, but the lady only gave me the tablets for one of the prescriptions. A few days later I realised that I had lost or misplaced the second prescription, however you were in the U.S at the time, so I decided not to contact you about it, in case I found the missing prescription.
Unfortunately after several searches of my flat and car the prescription page has not been found, and I only have two days left on the first prescription.
Can I come to your surgery today to renew the prescription? I am available between 2;30pm and 5pm today. Or I could come tomorrow after 5pm.
Sorry about the short notice, I would be very grateful if you could fit me into your schedule today!
Best regards,


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