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A muslim patient

Hello Dr. Dariusz Kraśnicki!
It's me R...... ........ who was your first muslim patient and comming from Togo but lives in Sweden.
I visited the clinic but I did not do the tests. I couldn't because they wanted me to stay there for few day and I can't , I have my clinical practice that I must do. It is 4 weeks obligatory work.
They didn't even know how many day the tests would take.
They did a general examination of my whole body , and everything was fine.
They prescribed me three more medicines called Abaktal, Lacium and Enterol. I got side effects from them but I'm feeling better now. I have no more diarrea and intestinal spasm but I am still not fully recovered.
I am drinking defence bacterial youghurt now and I'm hoping to get rid of all the bad bacterias I got from Togo soon.
I hope that I will be well befeore the start of my third year of medicine in october.
Thank you so much for the help that you gave me.

Best regards


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