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Doctors in Wroclaw Poland

Need of Doctors in Wroclaw Poland - an offer for English Speaking Patients.

If you happen to visit Wroclaw and your health suffers, simply phone our English-speaking doctors or send an e-mail.

Our positively motivated and friendly local team will advise you all kinds of medical treatment available . Our surgery is the first place in Wroclaw you should turn to when you feel sick.

We offer professional, high quality appointments with a private doctor.
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Although our doctors specialize in occupational medicine, they have clinical experience in many aspects of general practice. In my opinion a lot of problems stems from the lack of the basic communication between an English-speaking patient and a Polish doctor. Dr Krasnicki speaks English fluently and has helped a lot of patients.

Od Pokoje Gościnne Szarotka Lądek Zdrój

He was awarded First Certificate in English.[An internationally recognised English language qualification.] What might our doctor ask you so be prepared to answer the following questions.


  • What are your symptoms ?
  • Are you taking any medication ?
  • Are you allergic to anything ?
  • Have you ever had any operations ?

We do not provide home visits !!
Testimonials and case studies

Hello Dariusz, This is Christian's friend. I've been taking since last Monday this antibiotic you gave me, Bioparox, and it works great, my bronchitis it's over. Thanks. Best regards, Alvaro

    • HI my name is Ryan . I'm an Australian traveling Europe and in need of a doctor.
      I'm not here for long and I was wondering if it possible to see Dr. Dariusz Kraśnicki on Monday the 12th of Nov? Please email first thing Monday morning with a reply. I have travel plans booked for Monday afternoon and really need a doctor. THANK YOU Regards Ryan.
    • Dear Dr. Krasnicki, I am a Canadian temporarily living in Wroclaw and I would like to make an appointment to see you as soon as possible. I have what I think is a hernia and I have gone to the hospital to get it checked out, but it was very difficult to communicate as the doctor did not speak English, and the woman translating for me was not able to translate everything. The doctor there told me that I do not have a hernia, but I would like a second opinion, or at least be able to ask some questions about what I do have. Any time this coming week would be amazing if you could see me. The best way to reach me is by email, but you can also call me at +48 88 66 00 7..... . Thank you very much, Sincerely, Jonah Good day Dr Krasnicki, I would need you to please get back to me as soon as possible, Because it very important. I have some of my patients from Nigeria who need a medical attention. I want you to kindly reply my e-mail so that we can arrange on how they would be coming for medical treatment over there in Poland, And let me know how much it will cost. Feel free to contact me on this phone number below. Need of English doctors in Poland

    • Hello Doctor, it's me Mike, your patient from the Philippines. I just want to say THANK YOU for the drug that u you gave me. It worked on my tonsils. Thanks Doc ! Thank u. doctor. :-) it was very nice to meet u! ;-) Hello Dariusz, I'm going this weekend to Prague and I will pay a visit. He told me to ask you if you could write 2 prescriptions for him: So that I buy them in the pharmacy here and take them to Prague. Tell me when is more convenient for you that I go to your place to pick them up. I could go any afternoon/evening this week.
  • Regards, It's amazing service, I am very pleased with the doctor as he is extremely friendly and always helpful when you need. As I don't live in Wroclaw he is the only one who always find time !! A satisfied student. The client may count on the professional and the kind care of the doctor. No stress, no fuss, no cuing for hours. With a smile on his face and care about patient. English teacher.

    • The visit went quickly and pleasantly. The doctor is really nice and skilled in reducing stress by engaging his patients in a friendly talk.
    • I definitely recommend this doctor !!
    • Hello, I work for a UK Recruitment Agency and we supply temporary workers to the Food Manufacturing industry. As part of the recruitment process all our potential employees must undergo Occupational Health exam and Drug Screening. According to your website this is something that you can provide.
    • We are coming to Wroclaw tomorrow for a few days and I wondered if you may be able to meet in order to discuss the service you provide. I would be available to meet either tomorrow afternoon or Thursday? My contact number is 00447795 65.......
  • Hello, I am a French recruiter working in the South West of France and I was wondering if you could help me. I am currently looking to hire a Doctor specializing in Occupational Health, who will work in a small lovely town located in my region. The salary is 50 000 € per year and I was wondering if you knew of anyone who would be interested by this position or how I could place an advert to contact people. The position is open to foreigner as long as they can express themselves in French and their diploma is approved by the European Community. I would greatly appreciate your help! Looking forward to hearing from you, Best regards, Michèle Morin Recruiter Manpower France (33)553 221 303

    1. I was very content with the visit at the doctor's. Professional service was provided on the spot. I do recommend the doctor for sure.
    2. Dear sir/madam I am interested in gastric bypass surgery also known as obesity surgery please email me with prices many thanks Dear Doctor I am a pregnant woman 28years old I had a miscarriage last year after 11 weeks. I am now pregnant again I would like to know how much it will cost me per visit and how many visit I need together with the cost of the hospital to deliver the baby I hope you hear from you soon

      1. My main interests are in occupational medicine
          1. Hello, I am here visiting and in need of a doctor, I am not sure if you can help, But it has to do with my constant back pain? I am visiting family near Szczecin.
          2. It's about 300 kilometers from my surgery Dear Dr Krasnicki, I found your contact details on your website. I am a medical student from Australia and I would like to do my general practice rotation in Poland - in Warsaw and Lublin. I am wondering if you know of any general practitioners from either of these cities who speak English and would be happy to accept a student?

              1. Unfortunately I'm not very familiar with doctors from that part of Poland
              2. Dear Sir I have been suffering from a cut tendon;s III, IV, V and cut ulnar nerve right wrist. This leads now to stifness in III,IV,V fingers and non sense right fingers IV , V. I would like to know if any help can be offered to me since I tried many times being treated here but in vain and I was advised to travel to Poland. Please let me know if you can help and provide me with a list of private doctors in Poland. I am willing to cover all the costs of treatmetn in advance. Thank you I am a 32 year old make and have flu like symptoms most of the time. The doctors in the UK don't know what is the matter yet. I wondered which tests you would recommend me to have, or which specialist you would recommend me to see in Poland. I can supply any other details you need and a medical history. I’m thinking about thyroid, heart, allergy and other tests. Thanks Mark

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Can we meet tomorrow


Can we meet tomorrow for an appointment to renew my prescription? I will be free tomorrow between 2pm and 6pm.
Best regards,

Lost prescription

Hello Dr. Dariusz,

During our last appointment you wrote me two prescriptions . Each prescription was for sixty tablets. I visited the Apteka on the day of our appointment, but the lady only gave me the tablets for one of the prescriptions. A few days later I realised that I had lost or misplaced the second prescription, however you were in the U.S at the time, so I decided not to contact you about it, in case I found the missing prescription.
Unfortunately after several searches of my flat and car the prescription page has not been found, and I only have two days left on the first prescription.
Can I come to your surgery today to renew the prescription? I am available between 2;30pm and 5pm today. Or I could come tomorrow after 5pm.
Sorry about the short notice, I would be very grateful if you could fit me into your schedule today!
Best regards,

Hi Dr Krasnicki

Hi Dr. Krasnicki,

How was your trip to the States?

I will be coming from Krakow to Wroclaw to stay with Alaro at the end of the week and need to get some prescriptions filled again.
The usual  - 20mg fluoxetine and 2mg Xanax

Do you have an opening on Friday?
We could try Thursday also is that is better for you.

Please advise

Kind Regards,

Back Pain


My name is Mih Sol , i am an Eritrea n of 26 years of age currently living in Nairobi Kenya. My reason of writing you is The back pain I have been feeling lately. It is now 4 years since i have back problems ,but the last 7 months have been the worst .Doctors here in Nairobi have told me to get immediate  medical attendance .I have found out about you accidentally surfing through the net .I would like to know if there is a way for me to come to Poland and get medical attendance at your clinic provided i can afford the amount of money you charge .I look forward to your reply .

The antibiotics have kicked in and the pain

Thank you for thinking about Amelia. The antibiotics have kicked in and the pain and swelling have gone down. The Norway doctor said she is doing well. You may see her again if she needs to have more medicine prescribed. But, hopefully she is healthy now. Thank you again!

I will get my Blood, Urine reports

Hello Dariusz,
I will get my Blood, Urine reports in the evening. Can I come to your
office tomorrow morning so we can do the following:

1. Immunization Reports
2. Fill the company forms
3. Vision Test reports from Eye Doctor

If we can do these three things, it will be great. Please let me know
if you are available early morning tomorrow.

Thank you


  • I'm not present in the morning

We'd better arrange all we can today

Blood tests can be as an attachement to certificate, and it doesn't matter so much

I had the MRI this evening

Dear Dr.Krasnicki
I want to inform you that I had the MRI this evening and have the results.
I would like to make an appointment to see you/the neurologist as soon as possible.
My phone number is 691...... and you have my email address.


Thanks so much for your quick reply. 4pm is fine.
The injections certainly did make a very big difference. Today I started the tablets and they also seem to help. I still have pain but nothing like the intensity before I came to you.
I was able to teach the 5 days in Slovakia.
I will bring the letter and CD's tomorrow.
Thanks and regards

Must have contracted some bacteria or parasite

Hello, I would like to get an appointment today if possible (2/28/11). I have been suffering with diarrhea and fever for 4 days now and have recently started passing blood. Must have contracted some bacteria or parasite. Please e-mail as soon as possible with appointment.


My surgery is located on Zernicka 215 street at 1.25 p.m.
Thank you, I will be there at 1:25 today

Appointment request

I am writting to request an appointment to renew my prescription for this Friday (18/02). Are you available at any time on Friday? I have the day off work, so anytime on Friday would suit me.

Best Regards,

some issues regarding my medication

. I am writing to request an appointment with you for Monday(06/11), if at all possible? I know that my request is at short notice, and my prescription is not due for renewal until the 13th of this month, but there are some issues regarding my medication that I am quite anxious to speak with you about.

I very much hope that we can meet on Monday and I would greatly appreciate it if you could fit me in to your schedule.

Thank you for your time,

Best Regards,

get some prescriptions for fluoxetine and xanax?

Hi Dr. Krasniki,

I'm visiting Wroclaw for three days. I needed a holiday from Prague.
Are you at the office? Is it possible to get some prescriptions for
fluoxetine and xanax?

I could come by tomorrow around 3pm. If not I will return to Wroclaw
again September 14,15
and would see you then. Please let me know what works best for you.

Kind Regards,

Trouble with my throat


My name is Philip and I found your webpage on the internet. I would like to arrange an appointment because
I have some trouble with my throat. When can I arrange a meeting.
Thank you for your time


We can meet today in the evening at 7.00 at 3 Kmicica street
Doctor's fee 150 PLN

Unfortunately I have classes in the evening. Do you have time on Saturday?
Sorry but I also have classes at that time. but I can be free after 10:30 am.

appointment to renew my prescription

Hi Dariusz,
It's John here. My prescription will run out next week and I have been told today that I will be working mornings and afternoons next week. It is for the above reasons that I must enquire about an appointment to renew my prescription, tomorrow or on Friday. I am sorry about the short notice and I would be very grateful if you could accommodate me. I am available tomorrow or Friday between 12:00 and 14:00. If you can accommodate this short notice, please let me know which day is preferable to you. Otherwise, let me know when you are available for an appointment next week and I will try to get some time off work.

Best regards,

It's John here. I would

It's John here. I would like to make an appointment to reniew my prescription for Clonazepam. Would it be possible to see you tomorrow? If not I am also off work on Wednesday. Please let me know what time and date is convenient for you.

Best Regards,

Unfortunately my boss has just informed me that I have to work this
afternoon. I am very sorry for having to cancel today's appointment! I
will definitely be free tomorrow. Can you reschedule my appointment
for tomorrow? Once again, apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Best Regards,

Not a problem, but at 2 p.m

renew my prescription

Hi Dariusz,
It's John here. I'm writing to enquire about an appointment to renew my prescription. Would it be possible to visit your surgery this Tuesday at 12:00? If this time is not convenient for you, let me know what day you are free. I can come any day this week, between 12:00 and 2:00pm. Let me know if Tuesday is convenient for you. Also, I must apologise for not writing the tourist information blog! I am always kept very busy with my work and I was unable to find time for this extra project. Of course, I will pay you for my last visit when we next meet,
Thank you for your time, Kind regards,

Patient with AIDS

I am looking for a doctor for my brother, who has AIDS. He needs an English-speaking doctor who will be able to address his concerns and provide him with prescriptions for his medication.

I would like to know please if you have any availability, how much you charge (he has no insurance), and whether treatment is confidential by law. I would also like to know please how much medication costs for the uninsured.

Perhaps you can answer these questions for him if he can meet with you.

Thank you for reading this.

Best regards,

My fee for a prescription is 150 PLZ = 40 Euro paid in Cash
I'm neither an AIDS specialist and nor very familiar with the price of medicaments. You should ask at drug store

You should see the money in your account.

Yes, I got it and was able to fill it. You should see the money in your account. I opened a bank account with ING on Tuesday and deposited the money. Please let me know when you see it!!

Thank you so much for the help. I am still searching for an English speaking physician here in Warsaw. Not an easy task but, my Polish is only good enough to find a shop or the bus so far…..

Heather Ann

Prescription of Ambien and Fluoxitine

Hello Sir,
I have just arrived in Poland for my new job and need to find a private physician. I tried the phone number listed on your web-site but there was no answer.
Would it be possible to make an appointment soon?
I take Ambien 10 mg every night and Fluoxitine 20 mg every day.

I take a few medications and need to find a physician to write the prescriptions for me and also just to have an English speaking doctor I can see when I am not feeling well.

Yes, it is only a matter of the prescriptions. I’ve been taking them both for awhile. If you would be willing to write the prescriptions , I would be most grateful!


We are 3 of us [from Asia]. A married couple and the husband's lady friend. The husband is not interested in the marriage but wants his wife to move on happily with her life. The wife loves her husband and does not want to give up the husband or the marriage.

The husband and his lady friend are in a serious love relationship. But there seems to be no resolution between the 3 of them about what to do. We are hoping a consulation about this strange relationship will help. If you can not help us then kindly refer us to a relationship counsellor. Thank You.

Get some prescriptions

I am Alvaro, it's a long time we haven't meet each other, I hope you remember me. Luckily I was healthy last months.. Anyway, we could meet someday for a beer around Rynek...

End of July I'm going to Spain for holidays to some place near Barcelona in the coast to enjoy the sea and hopefully the good weather. As you know, my friend Christian lives in Prague now, he's coming also to Spain and he will visit me. He asked me if I can get some prescriptions in order to buy the medicines he normally takes. Could I visit you this week or next week? Let me know when is better for you.

Best regards,

Occupational Health exams

Good day Dr. Krasnicki,

Thank you for speaking with me on Monday by telephone. I am an Occupational Health Nurse based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. My employer, Research In Motion (maker of the Blackberry), has sales operations in Poland. I am looking to arrange Occupational Health exams for employees located in Pila, Kalisz and Sulejowek.. I am not familiar with Occupational Physicians in those cities. I was happy to find your English website!

I have located several companies that offer Occupational Health services. ( Medicover and Team Prevent (B.A.D. International ). However,
I have been unable to connect by telephone with someone that speaks English in either of those companies.

Would you have advise on procuring services? Any assistance that you are able to provide is appreciated very much.

Thank you and kind regards,

Prescription for Clonazepam


I am traveling from the United States. My bag was recently stolen containing my prescription for Clonazepam. I believe it is sold here under the name Rivotril. Do I need a prescription for this medication in Poland? I understand if I have to come in and make an appointment in order to receive an examination.

Generic cheaper is fine. As long as it is same quality. I take 0,5mg. I am going to be in Europe for another month and I take 3 times daily plus occassionally more for anxiety attacks, so 100 pills?

Ok you can visit my office at 2 p.m tomorrow . My fee is 150 plz [I do not accept credit cards] .Prescription is valid in every pharmacy in Poland

An appointment

I wonder if it is possible to get an appointment in the upcoming week? Monday would of cause be the absolute best...but as early as possible. Just send me the time and date and I´ll be there...

The reason why I want to see a doctor is because I have some problems with dizziness,strange sensations in arms and legs,a feeling of wanting to urinate when I really don´t need to (negative chlamydia and bacteria..already tested), a big swollen lymph node(?) on leg,bubbly it´s quite a lot....

Also have had some problems with anxiety for a couple of months eventhough I don´t know why. Would be nice to get this sorted out.

A muslim patient

Hello Dr. Dariusz Kraśnicki!
It's me R...... ........ who was your first muslim patient and comming from Togo but lives in Sweden.
I visited the clinic but I did not do the tests. I couldn't because they wanted me to stay there for few day and I can't , I have my clinical practice that I must do. It is 4 weeks obligatory work.
They didn't even know how many day the tests would take.
They did a general examination of my whole body , and everything was fine.
They prescribed me three more medicines called Abaktal, Lacium and Enterol. I got side effects from them but I'm feeling better now. I have no more diarrea and intestinal spasm but I am still not fully recovered.
I am drinking defence bacterial youghurt now and I'm hoping to get rid of all the bad bacterias I got from Togo soon.
I hope that I will be well befeore the start of my third year of medicine in october.
Thank you so much for the help that you gave me.

Best regards

A patient from Ireland

My name is Miriam . I called your number approximately 1 hour ago and made an appointment to see you tomorrow. I am not quite sure if I was fully understood as the person to whom I was speaking did not seem to have much English. My appointment was booked for 15.00 on Monday 2nd February. Could you please confirm that this is correct?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


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